About Me

            Delhi Travel Blogger, LevenStylo                                              

Hey! I am Madhu, a Travel, Lifestyle and Fashion freak based in Delhi, India. I am starting this Blog “ LevenStylo” to share all my Travel stories, Travel experiences, Lifestyle tips and my take on Indian and casual fashion statement. Through this Blog, I would also document my life like a digital album that I can use to reference my past.

Travelling, Photography, Good Food, Good Music, Shopping are few of the essential part of my daily life, and as important to me as Oxygen! Everything that adds as an experience in my life will be a part of “LevenStylo”. My love for trying new things in life is never ending, So is the LevenStylo.

Keep visiting LevenStylo to keep a track of all the new posts. Join me on my Journey of LevenStylo!

Also, your kind words would always motivate me to write and explore more!