Be safe- by using PeeSafe!


Hey Guys! Thanks again for all your support and love for my Travel and Lifestyle Blogs! It’s great to receive so much of love from my readers. Well, unlike most of the friends I usually travel alone since my college days. I guess that has inclined my interest towards travelling and exploring new places.  Being a girl, I have also faced a lot of issues while travelling. All of us have been trained by our Mother’s & elder Sisters about our personal hygiene and those five days of “Periods” that every girl has to go through every month. I actually feel so proud that now the time has come when we can talk freely about women’s unspoken problems, women’s hygiene and a lot of other issues that every woman goes through in day to day life. This Blog of mine will talk about how all of us can “Be safe- by using PeeSafe”!

Being a travel freak I always look for travel utility stuff. Since, travelling by train, buses, and even flights is not an easy job, I always make sure of taking along all my necessities.

Very well said by a wise man that Precaution is always better than cure – “PeeSafe” 

I will take this opportunity to talk about women’s hygiene today. It’s so good to know about brands like Pee Safe which are introduced to avoid Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) which is very common for Women’s.

LevenStylo| PeeSafe

PeeSafe is a portable toilet seat sanitizer spray that can be used almost anywhere be it any public washroom or at home.The most common problem of a women’s hygiene is taken care by PeeSafe. 

Use PeeSafe for a hygienically safe anytime anywhere.

It takes only 4 simple steps to prevent UTI chances :
  1. You must shake the can of PeeSafe sanitizer well.
  2. Spray it well all over the toilet seat.
  3. Just wait for 10-15 Seconds.
  4. The toilet is now 99.9% germ-free and safe for use.

all of us are responsible for our own health, and we must take care of it. I make sure, I carry my PeeSafe wherever I go, whether it’s my office, going to attend events, travelling within the city or even outside the city. I never forget to take it along – and I recommend this highly to every woman.

LevenStylo| PeeSafe
PeeSafe – In my Bag Every day!

Take out time for your personal hygiene and order your Pee Safe now.

Price: 40ml can for Rs.120/-

Life: 3 years.

Carry it along with your favourite shade of Lipstick and feel safe. I have been using this for long and recommend this to all of you.

Until next post, guys stay awesome and gear up for Christmas!

Love, Madhu 🙂



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