Women Cover Up, Shrugs, and Boleros!

Hey Belles! Hope you all are doing good! The long weekend is already on its way. I am sure a lot of you must have planned for a weekend skip nearby, which is a great idea. This weekend  I am caught up with some events to cover. Well, after a series of my travel posts, this time I am here with a Fashion Blog. I have already shared about winter essentials, this Blog of mine will talk about the women Cover Up, Shrugs, and Boleros.

how do you feel about pairing your clothes with Cover Up, Shrugs, and Boleros? I love layering and these cover up plays an amazing role to make the outfit look more chic and trendy. Now when winters will come up to an end, we all will need these Cover up, Shrugs and Boleros to replace our heavy Jackets, Overcoats, and  Woolen Sweaters. We can definitely pair up these Cover up Jackets with different outfits. These Cover Up, Shrugs, and Boleros are the perfect way to outfit-repeat without technically outfit-repeating. You can always wear your favorite go-to basics and spice them up with a different third piece every time!  I will share few of my favorite layering ideas with you guys which can shave off a few minutes of your morning routine!

Cover Up, Shrugs, and Boleros, levenstylo


“There are different  types of Cover Up, Shrugs, and Boleros and there are also different ways to pair them as well!”

1.Cover Up, Shrugs, and Boleros for Daytime + Casuals

Whenever you plan to catch up with your friends just for a cup of coffee or a movie, try to keep it comfortable and chic. I usually prefer wearing a denim and a casual tee for a day outing with a lightweight Shrug or Bolero just to keep it simple. This not only helps me to get ready at the last minute but also to be carefree.

Cover Up, Shrugs, and Boleros


  1. Cover Up, Shrugs, and Boleros Jackets/ Shrugs for Dresses

If we need to attend an exciting occasion, we usually wonder what to wear? If there is one thing I suggest you invest in before the big event, it’s a beautiful cover – up to complete the look. These Cover up, Shrugs and Boleros not only add warmth on cooler evenings but also mean you don’t have to shy away from strapless styles if you desire a little more arm coverage.

Cover Up, Shrugs, and Boleros

3.Cover up for Wedding Dresses

Bridal Boleros, tops, lace jackets have become the champion of wedding wear in recent years. They are worn as finishing piece to a simple satin A-line or as a cover-up for the ceremony or evening reception. These little extras are worth every penny when it comes to the big day.  From an eye-catching sequin cardies and pretty beaded capelets to glamorous fur stoles and classic lace jackets, there is something to give an extra layer of pizazz to any wedding.

Cover Up, Shrugs, and Boleros

Cover Up, Shrugs, and Boleros
4.Chiffon Cover Up, Shrugs, and Boleros

There are so many varieties and styles when it comes to picking up Shrugs and Boleros. One of my favorites is the Chiffon Shrugs. Wearing a plain tee inside and covering up with this Chiffon Shrug is go-to for a daily look.

Cover Up, Shrugs, and Boleros

5.Cropped Jackets and Shrugs

I find these Sheer jackets quite trendy and in these days. If you want to add instant glamour to your outfit, sheer Jackets are must have things in your wardrobe.

Cover Up, Shrugs, and Boleros

Cover Up, Shrugs, and Boleros

  1. Denim Cover-Up:

I love the frayed collarless neckline and white denim goes with so many outfits. Plus white is so epitome with Tee on Denim look. I love the traditional Blue Denim Jacket and love to layer it with my daily look. A short Denim Shrug is also very chic to wear in summers with casual tees.

Cover Up, Shrugs, and Boleros

I choose to pair my everyday look a lot with all the easy cover-up options available in my wardrobe.  I am sure you lovely ladies can definitely come up with many more exciting ideas off a Cover-Up, Shrug or Bolero in style.  Would love to hear your ideas, in the comment section below.

Cover Up, Shrugs, and Boleros
Full-length Shrug

Keep layering your outfits, look stunning and keep rocking!

Enjoy your weekend guys!

Love, Madhu 🙂















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