GoBuzzinga Momos Festival

GoBuzzinga Momos Festival

Hey Guys!Hope you all are enjoying the best month of the year! Already talked about how amazing it feels in Delhi now.Obviously, it has to be, after all, it’s December! Every day, I get a new update about some of the other event happening in the city. I am a foodie, shopaholic and a crazy music lover person. Perfect getaway in metro cities is all about hanging out to good restaurants, pubs and clubs. To make the last weekend more fun filled we ( Me and my husband) decided to try something new. A day-long festival showcasing different innovation prepared using popular dish Momos was planned in the city.Yes, I am talking about the fourth release of the craziest and yummiest Momos festival, GoBuzzinga Momos Festival

LevenStylo | GoBuzzinga Food Festival

GoBuzzinga Momos Festival has made a Momo Heaven never observed before. They have united the best Momos from all finished Delhi on one stage. Alongside some lively stimulation, it was a food festival and a tribute to the most loved roadside nibble!

LevenStylo | GoBuzzinga Food Festival

LevenStylo | GoBuzzinga Food Festival


Chocolate, Vodka, Tandoori, Afghani, Achari, Peshawari, and Oreo significantly more!!

I attempted them all. And everything about Delhi GoBuzzinga Momos Festival was fabulous.

Look and Feel of the Festival

Whenever we plan to attend any food or lifestyle festival we have a set of expectation from the place. The minute I entered the place I was awestruck by the exquisite decoration of the venue (Garden of Five Senses). The natural beauty of the Garden was used so beautifully to kill the visitors by its look and feel only.

LevenStylo | GoBuzzinga Food Festival


LevenStylo | GoBuzzinga Food Festival LevenStylo | GoBuzzinga Food Festival

I could hear the live sound of music and the whole crowd singing along with them from the entrance itself. But then I resisted and thought of first grabbing best momos of Delhi food festival 2017.

What all I tried:

The first thing that took my attention was the Chocolate Golgappa filled with rum and Vodka. I had to try these, and yes I did! I mean WOW! Then we headed towards the Tandoori Momo section which was the best momos in Delhi. I loved them and would crave for them every day.

LevenStylo | GoBuzzinga Food Festival
Grabbing like – Never had it before 😉

Marsh Momo will take your love for momos to another level! 

These Cheesy Burst Momos loaded with oodles of cheese has left us drooling for MORE!

LevenStylo | GoBuzzinga Food Festival
Bamboo Rice

This food festival is actually one of its kind. Moving ahead, my eyeball got stuck with the Bamboo thing. It was Bamboo rice which was actually prepared in front of us and it was mouthwatering.

LevenStylo | GoBuzzinga Food Festival
Chocolate Momos – Waffles Stall

The next stall was the Chocolate Waffle, and it was no less than a finger-licking desert. Every stall was crowded and people were stepping over each other to try all kind of delicious momos from the street food festival in Delhi.

The live music, at the fest, moved the crowd and with those Beer cans in hand, youngsters were having the best time of winters.

LevenStylo | GoBuzzinga Food Festival
Live Performance

I can recall the lick-smacking food of GoBuzzinga Momo Festival and I am super hungry again. Everything that we ate was exquisite. I am looking forward towards their next food festival to be organised.

LevenStylo | GoBuzzinga Food Festival
My favourite click of the evening! 😉

I hope, those who have missed this year’s Street food festival, will surely try and catch up for the next year. This was a great and a different experience for me. I am also looking forward to more such events in Delhi!

If you guys have details of other such events lined up in coming weeks, please do share with me.  And do plan for a kick-start new year!  

Love, Madhu!




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