My experience with – Keratin Hair Treatment!

Keratin Hair Treatment, Levenstylo
The GK Professional Team

Hey Guys! I know this subject is completely different from what I have been sharing before on my Blog. But since the time I have got this Keratin Hair Treatment for my hair I have got so many messages from my female friends about where did I get from and how’s the experience. Well, before I start sharing my experience about this Keratin Hair Treatment , I am really thankful to all of you for showering your love for my last post about Solo Female Trip – How to go for it in India.

Keratin Hair Treatment by GK Professionals 
keratin hair treatment, levenstylo
@Affinity Express – Huda market sector -15, Gurugram

keratin hair treatment, levenstylo


I have got this Keratin Hair Treatment at Affinity India Express, at Huda market, Sector 15 Gurugram by GK Professional. I have got hair smoothing treatment thrice before this Keratin Hair Treatment , but never felt this difference with my hair before. As the professionals by GK started the process, they made sure that they tell me every minute detail about the GK products. As the process started, the experts applied the Keratin strengthening cream by GK professional and then after ironed my hair to seal it in. It took almost 2 hours for them to complete this whole process.

keratin hair treatment, levenstylo

Before and After Keratin Hair Treatment

This was first ever Keratin hair Treatment I have taken for my hair. I have oily scalp and because of which I had to use shampoo everyday, which was actually a big task for me. Because of which it was becoming impossible for me to maintain it further. After this Keratin treatment I could actually see the difference.

keratin hair treatment, levenstylo

Life of this Keratin Hair Treatment

As per my conversation with the GK experts, this premium Keratin Hair Treatment will have it’s effect for 4-6 months. I feel, this is worth taking.

Post treatment Shampoo and Conditioner suggested 

For a long lasting effect of this Keratin hair Treatment , I am using GK Professional shampoo and conditioner. I would highly recommend that if you are spending money in getting this Keratin Hair Treatment for your hair, please use the right shampoo and conditioner.

keratin hair treatment, levenstylo
GK Professional Products

My girlies, I will make sure I come up with some more useful posts. Until next post, stay Happy and have a Happy & Safe Holi Guys! It’s important to take care of your own body and health.

Love, Madhu 🙂


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