Solo Female Traveler- Uncovering 5 Travel Myths!

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Hey Peeps! Hope you all are doing good! After putting up my last fashion post I was little occupied in few events lined up and also was not well. Well, I am really thankful to all my readers for showing so much love to all my Blog posts. In this tenure of three months of my blogging, a lot of people have asked me about how do I travel so much? Do I travel alone? Traveling the world as a solo female traveler? Might worried something happens? Think your friends and family might be right about “world being dangerous?” Not sure where to begin? Worry not, many solo female travels the world alone and end up fine.

Well, to be very truthful, it’s not that I travel alone all the time. It depends, sometimes with my better half, some time with friends,  and at times as a solo female traveler. I had a lot of misconception about traveling alone. I thought it might be dangerous, lonely, too much work, or make people think I don’t have friends. Moreover, I always thought that being a solo female traveler would be an invitation to terrible things (Thanks to mainstream media).

So, I went alone as a solo female traveler for few of my short trips. I realized that I wasn’t lonely, I wasn’t kidnapped, and in a lot of ways, it was way better to travel by myself. It gave me a completely a different experience.

solo female traveler, levenstylo

“I could discover a lot of things that we generally skip when we travel with a bunch of people.”

So, I take this opportunity to highlight few of the common solo female travel myths- and why they are all incorrect- to give you the courage to conquer the world alone as a Solo female traveler.  

Myth #1. Solo female traveling is only for those who are single

Before I started traveling of my own, meeting new people, with all kind of different stories and background, I figured that if you are traveling alone it must be because you don’t have a significant partner. No, it’s completely wrong. I came to learn, that plenty of females who are committed to a relationship travel alone, and for all kinds of reason.

It could just be that they have different interests. Maybe their partner can’t get enough time off from work. It could also be possible that maybe both the parties have made a conscious decision to travel for some part of the trip alone and then again meet back at a common point.

“To be a solo female traveler, it’s completely fine if you are not single.”

Myth#2. You must be an extraordinary brave female to be a solo traveler

You don’t have to be sure of everything and to be incredibly strong to become a solo female traveler. A lot of people thought that I was ultra brave and independent to become a solo female traveler but that’s not the fact at all. The honest fact is that I am incredibly scared. Despite being terrified, I went anyway. After I realized that getting around, meeting new people, looking for food for myself was not a rocket science.

“The hardest part is to make the choice.”

solo female travel, levnstylo

Later on, it becomes quite easy to get along language barriers, figure out timetables and then have an adventure. Plenty of locals speak good English all around the world and Hindi in our own country India. Google maps, Translations maps, and cell phones connectivity have made traveling so much easy nowadays.

Myth#3 It is safe to travel solo- especially a solo female traveler

Staying safe on road is all about trusting your intuitions, behaving abroad like you are at home. Would you get super drunk at a bar at home? Would you walk around alone at night? Talk to the locals at your guesthouse about what you should watch out for, and practice common sense. What kept you alive at home keeps you alive on a road, too.

Every day thousands of beautiful and young women travel alone, have fun, explore the world.

“It’s perfectly safe, and they all don’t end up in a ditch!”

solo female traveler, levenstylo

Myth#4 Solo traveling means lonely often

The stupidest thought about being a solo female traveler is that you will be left alone all the time, right?

That’s not true at all! I figured out that I made so many friends while traveling alone and I had a whole year back at home. The best thing about becoming a solo female traveler is that you are not the only one doing that. There are so many women and young girls on the roads doing that. Since so many females are doing that it’s become quite easy to become friends and hang out together. There are so many travel groups who arrange solo travel packages, you can just google them and find a perfect place for yourself to stay safe and enjoy the unknown company.solo female traveler

Take a look at these travel  planners:

  1. Unite Strangers
  2. Wovoyage
Myth#5 You will constantly get unwanted attention

The best way to deal with such situation is to understand the modesty required to tackle such situations and dress accordingly. I find that being very confident, looking people in the eye, and being respectful assertive are all good ways to make a solo female trip a successful one.

“We need to pick up our choices, held our head by pride and travel wherever we want to.”

With time, I have discovered that being a solo female traveler is not at all lonely, boring and dangerous. It is one of the best social activities that everyone must try.

I ended up finding that being a solo female traveler I could say yes to anything. Get that unique experience. It is a benefit to go wherever you want to without giving an answer to anyone. There must be some reason of why this concept of traveling solo is getting popular every day?

I have read so much about solo female travelers. The departure from a regular life makes us a better person when we are back to basics.

“Give it a try, and you too may find that your misconception about it is all wrong.”

Do share if any of you have ever gone on a solo trip.

Until next post, stay positive and keep smiling guys!

Love, Madhu 🙂



  1. Tnx Fr Tis blog..
    I think.. After reading Tis blog
    Many females who luv travelling can now travel alone….
    It’s kinda an encouragement…
    Nice one

  2. It is indeed a nice post. A report from leading travel agencies predicts that women solo travel is going to be leading travel trend in 2018. Hence, the importance of this post increase. so that solo woman who is going jump in should be equipped with the right amount of knowledge. Great post!

    • This is so true, that the Solo Women Travel is going to be a New Trend in 2018. Thank you so much for such support and motivating words. it feels really good to hear such words from a male Traveller especially! Thanks for your visit!


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