Solo Female Trip – How to go for it in India!

solo female trip

Hey Guys! Hope you all are doing great! I have been traveling for last week and yes it was a solo female trip with all strangers. Sounds scary? Ha ha.. I know, it may not sound as usual as I experienced. I have always traveled with family, friends or colleagues. This solo female trip was entirely a different experience for me, as it was with all strangers with the team of Unite Strangers (a unique concept of bringing all strangers together for a trip).The issue of Women’s safety in India has been in the news frequently lately. Many women have expressed concerns about traveling here, and much more have opted not to go alone. Being a Female Travel Blogger, I feel it is an important subject to discuss. Well, in my last post I have shared the 5 Myths about Solo Female Traveller. In this Blog, I will put my views on solo female travel in India.

solo female trip, levenstylo,

“The solo female trip can seem pretty scary the first, or even the 15th time you do it, but it’s almost always oh, so worth it!”

The solo female trip isn’t nearly as uncommon as it once was, and you’ll meet plenty of other solo traveling ladies on the road who are just like me. Just take a leap!

solo female trip

we Indians are so blessed to have a country full of heritage, great history and so much to explore and see. It can be most rewarding. Now you’ve probably heard people say you’ll either love or hate India, but I’m going to let you in on a little secret: The key to happy travels in India, is preparation. It’s not one of those countries where you can just “wing it”; you’ll end up anxious, stressed and quite possibly in danger. Sadly this is particularly true for a solo female in India.

solo female trip, levenstylo

It is probably the biggest concern for solo female travelers in India. There’s no simple answer to this question. But in a nutshell: India is a safe destination. We can be unlucky even in own hometown. So, there’s no point blaming any specific location or country for any mishappening.

“Even if we plan to be spontaneous, we will need to have some plans or”rules” that you stick to no matter what.”

I being a solo female traveler in India feel so lucky and free to have the liberty to go anywhere. I feel like jumping into different cultures and customs. Get to know new people, new culture, and new tradition every day. I feel like exploring every village, every town, every city, every state and every corner of the country. There is so much to see and so much learning in India.

My recent trip to “Yamkeshwar” ( which is Uttarakhand ) was a solo trip with all strangers, where I didn’t feel as a stranger even for a single minute. I will soon share my experience about this weekend gateway with all my readers. Before that let’s cover some of the most important safety tips for solo female travelers in India.

Top female safety tips for solo female Travellers in India:

solo female trip


  1. Don’t get stupidly drunk. Seriously, if you really want to be safe in India or anywhere please keep this advice in your mind.
  2. Always have the contact no. and address of the place where you are staying, in case if get lost they can always arrange a pick up for you.
  3. Arranged to be picked up at the station/Airport in advance. Again your Hotel/ Hostel might be able to help with this.
  4. Generally, it is better to travel in the day instead of night, especially n trains and buses.
  5. Always be in touch with your family and friends on your trip at regular intervals.
  6. Always carry fully charger mobile phones with you, so that you any always help yourself in a difficult situation. An extra battery pack is also an excellent investment to ensure you’ll never be left without a phone.
  7. As with any sort of travel, you’ll need to trust your gut feeling.
  8. Always be friendly with your co-travelers but try to be over friendly.
  9. If something seems to be true, it probably is. Scams in India are nearly unavoidable, nut saying no to “help” strangers offer when you didn’t ask for it, is the best way to prevent scams.
  10. Make sure you are updated about the place beforehand, that means proper research is advisable.
  11. One must dress correctively.
  12. Most staring is just curiosity, don’t bother too much and don’t pay heat.


“Nothing is without risk, but with a bit of common sense and preparation, India is as safe as any other destination for the solo female traveler.”

I took the risk to go on a solo female trip and had an amazing time. I must say, I love my country India and the people of my country. Just be good to others and they will be good to you.

And if all this sounds too overwhelming, do remember, these precautions are only to protect you on the off chance that something nasty happens. Have a good time, and have plenty of conversations; they will make your trip extra special. Indians are so welcoming, chatty and happy to share their life stories. Go for it, ladies!

Stay tuner with LevenStyo for my Solo female trip @Yamkeshwar. Until then have fun and keep traveling! 🙂

Love, Madhu!



  1. Grt amd usefull tips .
    But deep inside sad,we women have so many dos and donts.
    Nice that u took initiative and break the monotony

    • Truly said, we have so many do’s and donts definitely. but We are the only one who can break the monotony and take a step forward. Thanks much for your appreciation. 🙂


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