Thoughts on Blogging from a Newbie Blogger!


Hey Peeps! Sitting in a little cafe and having lunch, and trying out some of my thoughts: not a bad way to spend my Thursday lunchtime! Honestly, I find Blogging to be really,  really intimidating to do. Is it weird? I am twenty-eight years old and find it anxiety- including to share my own words online, despite the fact that I write a lot of fictions for myself that not a lot of people know about.(OK, that’s the truth but you will return to that in another post).


There are so, so many successful Bloggers out there who make a fortune doing what they love, who are amazing photographers, and then there’s little old me (wink) who blogs in her lunch hour and in the evening alongside a jam-packed job and annoying her IT qualified husband every day to learn every day something new. I really don’t have the time or the skill to take arty Blog photos, I am so dependent on him (my loving better half) because I just love getting clicked! A decent selfie takes some real effort these days.

“So, Blogging freaks me out at some point in time, initially and half of the time I wonder “why bother?”

I use to think, will anybody be interested in reading what I actually want to deliver. But I think in the past I was focusing on wrong things. I wanted that fancy imagery layout, I wanted a lot of hits right away and that was taking all my attention away from what I was actually writing.

Then I decided I actually want to get used to writing and posting and enjoying it without worrying about hit count or any of that stuff.  

I am not going to be the following enormous blogger on the scene and I’m fine with that since I don’t generally plan to expound on the form and magnificence, the things that appear to make individuals prominent. I love reading style and fashion journals and follow some genuinely gorgeous ladies who blog professionally, but that isn’t me. It’s just that I just like to write and share my journey of life whether that’s my Travel stories or Lifestyle statement.

But the Blogging world is intimidating for newbies, no matter how old they are, especially when so many ladies are posting about how disenchanted they are with blogging.

“It’s not that easy job, as it looks. It requires a lot of effort and patience to get it right and post the right content.”

The moment when I thought of starting my Blog, I googled “Blogging” and saw top 100 posts of what we should be doing and how to become popular and things to do in first few months. I was looking for content and interesting links but got bombarded with sales like links to what I should be doing and what not.

“ Am I doing it right? No? Shit, I am going to fail… ‘Not what a new blogger wants to feel.

But from one Blogger to another: Write what you want, because there are always folks who want to read it.

But so far I have sat down at my laptop before every post and felt a rush”I am good enough, why bother? Anxiety and pushing through it take some effort.

Any other bloggers or anyone, in fact, feels like this? I would love to hear about your experience starting up, and how you get over that initial hump.


Do let me know what you people feel about my thoughts on being just a month old in my new journey of being a “Travel and Lifestyle Blogger”.

I know, it’s just the beginning but I would really love to hear from all of you, about my Blogs and articles. I am open to both positive as well as negative feedback.

Have a great evening guys. Enjoy and stay awesome!  YeYeYe  Weekend is coming 🙂 

Love, Madhu!



  1. Hey well write up.
    There is always a silent hesitation whenever we start new ,but none of ur post shows a bit of them.
    And u r carefree girl. “Log Kya reaction dege ” is not ur cup of tea.
    So bindass express. I loved ur post.
    Waiting to see more.
    All the best.


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